Why ISG Tunnels?

We developed our windtunnels to create the world’s finest fun and flying experience for the sports- and entertainment industry. ISG windtunnels are equally suitable as skydiving training centres and fun attraction for the entertainment industry.

Here are some good reasons, why you should decide for an Indoor Skydiving Germany windtunnel:

Technology “Made in Germany”

  • Best sound insulation worldwide
  • Highest energy efficiency worldwide
  • Fastest airspeed worldwide
  • Best air quality – no noticeable turbulences
  • Flight Chamber in full glass construction
  • No limits in size and design of visitors area
  • Patented ventilation system at very low energy loss
  • Carbon-fans (optional-against extra charge)
  • Patent pending cooling system for tropical climates (optional – against extra charge)


  • Highest energy efficiency worldwide
  • Cost sensitive construction and design due to ring-shaped air duct (i.e. Göttinger Design)
  • Module construction concept accounting for the individual plot of land and any public restrictions


  • Customer-oriented business model (no franchise)
  • Flexible product portfolio ranging from simple tunnel sale to turn-key project